Cantilever Rack Sales in Oklahoma 

Cantilever Rack is specially designed to store and handle long loads of lumber, tubing, metal beams, and metal and plastic sheets of various shapes and sizes.


  • Allows extra long or wide material to be stored.
  • Keeps material in order and off of the ground.
  • Easy access with material handling equipment.
  • A wide range of base sizes allows for custom design of you rack for your materials.
Structural Cantilever Rack

There are many options available to meet your standards. Holly Material represenatives will work with you to develop the most feasible and economic rack system for your special situation. Double Sided Cantilever Rack

Cantilver racking
can also be used in the
construction of rack
supported warehouses,
whose characteristic is that
they may not require the
existence of a building
prior to construction.

Single sided Cantilever Rack Double Sided rack will gain you access to either side during you operation. . Depending on your product being stored, in any particular weight, size, and the height, light duty, medium duty, or heavy duty cantilever is available. Cantilever Rack Supported Warehouse

Service and Installation Available
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