Forklift Rentals – Clark & Komatsu Forklifts For Rent in Tulsa, OK
5,000lb Forklift Rental Only $895 Per month*!
Holly Material Handling offers dealer-owned Forklift Rental Solutions in Tulsa and Oklahoma. Our Modern Fleet of CLARK and Komatsu forklifts gives you the opportunity to rent our equipment where and when you need it, without delays. Short Term Forklifts Rentals are available to meet your Forklift Rental needs by the day, week, or month. Short Term Forklift Rentals can help temporary and seasonal requirements when you company has a need for an additional Forklift or a Different size forklift on a short term basis. Long Term Forklift Rentals have the advantage of providing your immediate Forklift needs and allowing your working capital to be utilized for re-investment back into your business. In addition to your increased cash flow you will have the comfort in knowing your maintenance cost will be reduced. Our Long Term Rental rates include normal planned maintenance and normal wear and tear. Long Term Forklift Rental solutions are best suited for the company that needs late model reliable equipment while controlling cost and budgets. Please call 918-622-4466 to discuss how our company can offer you the best long term rental solution to meet your needs.

Call TRUDI at 1-918-622-4466 to reserve your RENTAL today!


Forklift Lifting Capacity Day Week Month*
3,000 – 4,000 lb. Lift $115 $345 $1,035
5,000 – 6,000 lb. Lift $125 $375 $1,125
7,000 – 8,000 lb. Lift $180 $540 $1,620
9,000 – 11,000 lb. Lift $215 $645 $1,935
12,000 – 15,500 lb. Lift $275 $825 $2,475


*One month is equivalent to 4 weeks.  Rates are for a clean, non-abusive environment, and are subject to site surveys.