Structural Pallet Rack

Structural Pallet Rack is made of highly-resistant structural profiles. It is designed for cases which require heavier loads and they accept more of a wide variety of material handling movement.


  • Easy, boltless assembly which provides rigidity in all directions.
  • Direct access to all the stored stands.
  • Easy stock control.
  • Load flexibility in terms of weight and volume.
Structural Pallet Rack

The components of the structural rack can be used for projects of conventional, drive-in, push-back racking, etc. The hot-rolled beams in combination with structural frames can also be used, making it a more economical solution.

Structural Rack

Structural pallet racking can also be used in the construction of rack supported warehouses, whose characteristic is that they may not require the existence of a building prior to construction.

Structural Rack

The racks are designed to accept a wide variety of material handling movement. The posts and beams are constructed from structural steel and are much thicker than roll-formed posts,particularly at the corners which are the primary impact points.

Heavy Duty Structural Rack

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